1st CD Seven Songs

When you purchase the 7 songs you get unlimited downloads, so if I re-mix the songs, add an instrument, re-sing any of these songs, you just log in and get to re-download the new version. These are home recording CD, I hope to get access to professional equipment/studio but I don't have money to buy studio time. I try and do the best I can do with the tools I have been able to steal. Basically if you want good tools, sell out humanity.

Buying the songs means, I will make more songs and I like to sell the CDs for the cost of a beer. So, if you are ready to buy me a beer, I am ready to drink one. If not, I will drink the contaminated water just like you.

I don't really have a long description on the CD. I sing and make songs using the musical computer, which I also sell here on this website. Without the musical computer, I am not much of a musician that much I can assure you. In fact, I am partial tone deaf and have never been able to even tune an instrument. So you can't really say I have any kind of special musical ear. I do write words well, maybe I have a high level of artist taste. If you like the stuff, than I have a high level of artist taste, if not then I don't. Long description sucks but does not suck like CKCU-FM, 93.1.

These are the songs on this CD,

2012 Cold North Wind,

2012 Cannibal Nursery Rhyme,

Who is the Leader I Seek,

See my Stars Shine Shine Shine,

Anti Drummer Boy,

I Had a Vision,

Wicket Side of the River,

The song files are large so I zipped/compressed them in a folder, so you need an unzip/un-compression software, its free, your computer most like has a un-compression utility that will activate when the songs are downloaded. I use PK but they are many free ones out there. http://www.pkware.com/.

1st CD Seven Songs
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